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Have Spiders? Try These Suggestions For Driving Them Out

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Few pests instill fear as spiders do. When you see one spider you want it gone, but if you see spiders on a regular basis, you may very well start considering being the one to go because you’re so uncomfortable with them. Before you make any hasty decisions, use these ideas to regain control of your home from these eight-legged pests. Seal Openings The first thing you need to do in order to take care of a spider problem is to find out how they’re getting into your home. Spiders are of course very small, so there may be cracks along the floor or in doorways; window screens may need to be replaced if they are torn or not fitting tightly on the window. By discovering how they enter your house, you’ll be able to stop additional spiders from arriving and take care of the ones you already have. Look for Eggs You might be stepping on or mashing spiders you see in your house, but one key part of ridding the house of spiders is to locate the egg sacs. If you don’t, you may start seeing dozens and dozens of additional spiders in the future. It can be tough to locate them, as the egg sacs are small, but they can resemble lint balls or tiny cotton balls. Look for them along floors or ceilings and in corners throughout your house. Spiders enjoy being in dark places near water, so the first places to look for eggs might be in your kitchen and bathrooms underneath the sinks or near the tubs and toilets. You might also want sweep and vacuum rooms thoroughly in an attempt to get rid of the sacs as well. If you need professional help exterminating spiders, visit a pest control specialist like Environmental Services Pest Control. Spray Surfaces with Vinegar and Peppermint Oil When you’ve seen a spider or two in a specific area, you can use vinegar and peppermint oil to keep them from coming back. A mixture of white vinegar, water and peppermint oil can deter the creatures and keep them away. You might also experiment with other essential oils to see what works best. With the tips above, you might be able to rid your house of spiders. If you need more immediate help or want to ensure that they’ll never return, seek out an expert in spider extermination. A reputable pest control contractor can provide valuable assistance so that your home remains...

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Making Your Business Green

Posted by on Dec 22, 2015 in Uncategorized |

As a responsible business owner, you no doubt worry about how to make your business green. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever before to lessen your company’s impact on the environment. By taking a few simple, positive steps, you can limit your carbon footprint while keeping your business running smoothly and profitably. Post Consumer Waste You can really save the trees and energy if you use post-consumer waste paper. The recycled paper symbol alone is not proof that your paper is truly environmentally friendly. PCW is comprised of paper that comes completely from the recycling bin. PCW actually uses 45% less energy than “regular” paper and results in half the waste products. If you cannot find 100% PCW paper, find products that use a high percentage of PCW. That way, you know you are wasting as few of the world’s resources as possible. You can also feel better about the paper you and your employees put in the recycling bin since you know all of it can be recycled and reused.  Water Much of your business water usage comes from the bathrooms. In fact, bathrooms account for 37% of your entire water use. You can reduce your business water consumption by installing low-flow toilets and automated faucets. Since the cost of water has continuously gone up over the last decade, conserving water will benefit your bottom line as well as reduce your effect on the environment.  Reputation Developing a reputation for having a green business can help you in several ways. For one, you will attract customers who are also interested in preserving the environment. Also, you can focus on providing environmentally green products if you are a retailer or a vendor for other businesses. Large firms with a reputation to uphold are likely to turn to local vendors with a social conscience. In fact, some chains have corporate policies in place that require them to deal with green vendors. Adhering to environmentally friendly practices also keeps you on the right side of government regulation. If you are already following best practices, new regulations will not catch you by surprise and cause you to make quick business adjustments.  Running a green business is not just best for the environment: It also benefits your business reputation and your company’s profitability. Using PCW products, limiting your water consumption, and dealing with green customers saves you money and brings in more business. More people are concerned with the environment than ever before, so turning your business green now is the practical and morally responsible thing to do. A green economy is better for individuals and businesses. For more information, contact a commercial trash removal business....

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Four Tips For Ensuring A Victory During A Holiday Home Decorating Contest

Posted by on Sep 9, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If you are someone who is highly competitive and who loves to decorate your home for the holidays, competing in a local holiday decorating competition may be the perfect outlet for you to release some creativity and really express yourself. Decorating your yard with Christmas lights and decorations can be quite a task though. The following guide walks you through a few tips and tricks for making the process a bit easier. Bury All Wires Burying the wires that run to all of your decorations is important because it gives the décor a very finished look and keeps the tripping hazards underground to reduce the risk of anyone tripping. You can simply use a shovel to make a slit into the ground where you want the wires to be hidden and push them down with your hands a few inches to bury them. Hire a Company that Offers Tree Services When you want to decorate tall trees or tree limbs, it can be a very dangerous job, if you do not have the right equipment to do it. Tree service companies like Stritar Tree Service, have equipment that they use to climb up and down trees safely. If you explain to them what you are doing, you can hire them to hang lights and décor in the trees in your yard so that you can have decorations placed everywhere that they can possibly be placed. Be sure to hire the company a few weeks before you plan to do the grand unveiling to ensure that they have time to hang everything properly. Create Custom Pieces Use plywood to create custom pieces to add even more unique elements to your yard. You can trace the outlines on the plywood, cut it out with a jigsaw, and then paint them fun and interesting colors. Be sure that you make the pieces large enough for everyone to be able to see the details up close and from far away. Get into the Spirit Have your family dress like Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the elves to make your yard even more fun and unique. You can hand out candy, have music playing in the background, and even offer to let children have their pictures taken with Santa. These simple tips will help you make the most of the space you have available in your yard. Being creative with your décor and have many elements for people to see will increase the chances of you winning the competition....

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Get Smart About Your Sewer System And Keep It Maintained Properly

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Uncategorized |

The sewer system of the home often gets overlooked until a problem erupts that can cause interference with life and your daily routines. The best approach to maintaining your sewer system and keeping your lines smooth and effective is to line up an appointment for an inspection by a sewer or plumbing professional. In the meantime, maintain your home’s sewer system by keeping an eye out for these potential problems: Sagging pipes. The pipes in your sewer system need to be supported and level in order to work properly. When the ground heaves or shifts, pipes may begin to sag. These sags can cause waste to pool in specific sagging spots, which can lead to a blockage. Clogged line. You likely have a clog in your sewer system when multiple drains in the home are clogged at the same time. Another sign of a clog is when water backs up from one spot, while you are using another. For instance, if the tub is draining and water is backing up in the kitchen sink, that’s a sign of a problem. Natural interferences. Sometimes things will interfere with your sewer lines that you have no control over, such as a natural occurrence. Often, tree roots will grow in and around sewer lines, which over time can create blockages and problems. This can include breaking your system’s pipes, which could be catastrophic. Ask professionals to inspect your system to determine if this may be a potential issue. Dirty pipes. As a general rule of thumb, your sewer system and lines should be cleaned by a professional every couple years. It is a good idea to also schedule a video inspection of your pipes at the same time. This video will help identify any potential problems or issues that could wreak havoc with your sewer system later on. Greasy blockage. One of the worst things for sewer lines is grease. Don’t ever pour grease down a drain, as this will eventually congeal and cause problems over time. The solution to grease clogs is expensive and involves professional intervention. The time to evaluate and address your sewer system is now; don’t wait for a potential problematic situation to schedule an inspection. A thorough cleaning and video assessment is the best way to identify potential issues and avoid the expense and hassle associated with sewer line issues. Keep an eye out for any of the signs and symptoms of an underlying problem with your home’s system, and reach out to a plumbing professional for prompt attention and resolution. One company that may be able to meet your needs is Tierra Environmental & Industrial...

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Thirsty For More: How To Help Children Love Water

Posted by on Jun 30, 2015 in Uncategorized |

You have kids and they are incredibly active; they constantly need fuel and hydration. It’s important for everyone to get at least eight glasses of water a day, but sometimes convincing a child to drink any water is a challenge. Involving your kids in their options is one of the best ways to help them love water. Use these tips to get started. Next to each tip includes a quick look at the cost to help you decide which option works best for your family. Pretty soon your kids will be thirsty for more. Water Filter a MUST: Moderate Tap water is often chemically treated. That also means that many times you can taste the chemicals. Even drinking fountains outside of home can have a tinge of after-taste. Before you begin to try anything new, it’s important to get a water filter for home. Sometimes clean and filtered water is enough to get an active kid to drink several glasses worth. Not only does this make water taste better, but it is overall more healthy for you and your family. There is a comfort to knowing the water you’re drinking is safe and clean. Water filters vary by style and price, so be sure to find out what will work best for your home and faucet. Generally, filters are intended for kitchen use, but water filter systems can filter water for an entire home. Filters can be easily attached to the tip of your faucet and will need changing every few months. Others can require more hands-on installation but can last much longer. You’ll find a large majority of options at your local hardware stores or even department stores. Online venues also carry water filters for home use.   Flavored Bottled Waters: Expensive Luckily for you, grocery stores dedicate entire aisles to water these days. You have your basic bottled water, but if you want to make it fun for the kids, opt for the flavored waters. There are a variety of choices between brands and flavors, so be sure to take your time browsing. Anything from basic lemon flavors to strawberry-kiwi can be found on the shelves.  This can also be a fun shopping trip with your kids. Let them pick out some new flavors to try and see if they have favorites. That way you can keep it stocked at home. Stay away from too much sugar. Check the back of the packages for ingredients to make sure the water has been flavored as opposed to sugar being added. While its necessary to stay hydrated and healthy, sugar contradicts a lot of the effort your making to help your kids love water. Buying your water when you have a perfectly good supply from the tap or fridge can become expensive. Make sure this option fits into your budget. If you can’t always buy the bottles on regular shopping trips, save this option for a longer road trip. You’ll be surprised how quickly your kids will ask for the flavored options of water instead of a soda or juice. Sugar-Free Flavors and Colors: Moderate Water is boring for kids. It’s colorless and tasteless. Fixing the colors is easy. Food coloring is cheap and quick and can make any plain water fun. The best way to do this is to use...

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Tips To Keep In Mind When Going To The Scrap Metal Yard

Posted by on Jun 3, 2015 in Uncategorized |

If your town has a scrap metal yard, you may be able to make a little extra cash by getting rid of various metals in your home that you don’t need anymore. But if you want to get a good price for your scrap metal in addition to helping save the environment, you should have an idea of how scrap yards operate before you load up the truck and head over. Keep these tips in mind ahead of your first transaction with the local scrap yard: Don’t Sort at the Yard When you arrive at the scrap yard, your various metals should already be sorted according to what type they are. In fact, many scrap yards may not even let you sort your metals on their property, as this could cause a delay for other customers and cost the scrap yard business. Also consider that the scrap yard owner has an incentive to keep the amount he is going to pay you down. If you have a mix of metals, the business owner may classify one pile as the cheapest metal that is in the pile. Separating them first will guarantee that you get paid the correct amount for each piece. Always Strip It If you bring in copper wire with insulation still on it, you are doing the scrap yard business a favor, because they won’t pay as high of a rate for this kind of wire. Strip all of your materials so that only the copper remains before you arrive at the scrap yard. The extra time and labor will likely to give a decent boost to your earnings. Always Call in Advance Before you head to the scrap yard, always call in advance and ask them for their pricing on various types of metal. This could be to your benefit, because if business is slow, the owner might quote you a slightly higher rate than they would give someone who just drove up in order to ensure that you will come in. Keep in mind though that the rates you are quotes could be subject to change if the materials are determined to not be of a good quality or require too much work on the part of the scrap yard owner, like insulation that has not been stripped away. If you’ve never been to a scrap metal yard before, keep these tips in mind for the best experience. Having your metal stripped and sorted before arriving at the yard. Call in advance and you might even get a slightly better rate. To learn more, contact a company like American Northwest Recycling with any questions you...

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Three Things To Know Before Adding A Well To Your Residence

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If you are interested in having access to a clean, affordable, and self-sustaining water source for your residence and you live in an area beyond city limits that can facilitate the addition, adding a well is definitely the way to go. But drilling a new well is an endeavor that requires research, planning, and professional help. So before you start the process of adding a new well or well system to your residential property, there are three things about installation that you should know. What Makes A Well Traditionally, wells were dug by hand to a point deep enough to reach the water table, then they were reinforced by stone, wood, or brick and capped with a temporary cover when not being used. A driven well, where a pipe is impacted into the ground, is also a reliable water source of the past, and one that you can still find functioning in some places today. But if you’re interested in executing plans for a well today, you should expect to use more advanced technology in order to make the process faster and easier. Wells today are created by boring into the ground with massive drill bits, either with equipment that you can rent yourself or by a professional driller. Rental equipment isn’t as reliable or durable for all types of ground, so hiring a professional will ensure that you don’t spend time drilling into ground that’s unsuitable for a stable water source. Professional Planning Matters A professional takes advantage of ground penetrating radar and survey sources to find the right location for your well, and they have access to equipment that works faster and more effectively on a wide range of terrain than if you rented drilling equipment. Though not every area is ideal for drilling, a professional can often help you get within a target area easier than if you were to rent equipment yourself. Planning requires looking into neighboring use of the water table as well, to see if nearby properties will potentially drain your system from time to time. Potential Pitfalls With survey and radar, a professional well driller can generally give you an idea whether or not your ground is suitable for creating a new well that will be a viable water source for your property. If drilling can be facilitated, but the well has to be dug too far into the ground (or multiple times) in order to locate a water source, you may be advised that installation is out of a reasonable price range. If your ground is suitable and a well can be dug at a reasonable depth for your budget, a professional will also have to determine if there is a source (or potential) of contamination, stemming from sewage or pesticide usage. Pesticides can linger for decades beyond usage and they can also travel a great distance from a source through the groundwater. If your ground is determined to be at risk of contamination, there is a hazard with installing and maintaining a new well for your property. For more information about installing a well on your property, contact a company like Sizer Well...

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Stay On The Road And Protect Your Investment – Tips For Maintaining A Diesel Engine

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Whether you’re operating a long haul trucking service or merely trying to reduce your fuel costs in your daily vehicle, a diesel engine can provide a wide variety of benefits. In order to truly get the most from your engine, however, you need to be sure that you’re proactive with the steps you take to keep it running smoothly. Below, you’ll find a guide to some suggestions for maintaining your diesel engine on a day to day basis. By following these tips, you can be sure that your engine will always be there for you when you need it, and that the investment you’ve made in your truck won’t be wasted or in vain. Frequent Oil and Filter Changes Chain oil change locations have long been a fixture of the American commercial landscape, and yet many people continue to neglect this basic and essential component of vehicle care. Following manufacturer recommendations for oil changes is an absolutely vital component of promoting engine life that you should not neglect. This is especially important for diesel engines, as the less refined fuel will require your engine to operate far more efficiently. Clean oil with a clean filter will help your engine to run on slightly dirtier fuel, allowing you to capture all of the unique benefits of diesel performance. Use Fuel Additives As mentioned above, diesel fuel is a unique blend that includes more impurities than are typically found in commercial gasoline. As such, it’s important that you protect your vehicle from these impurities while still generating the power you desire. Purchasing fuel additives and adding them to your gas tank each time you fill up is a great way to shield your engine from the more dangerous aspects of diesel fuel. This will allow you to promote engine health and longevity while simultaneously guaranteeing that your fuel system operates at maximum efficiency. (For more information on diesel depots, contact United Oil) Check The Gaskets In a diesel engine, your gaskets will be subject to more extreme operating conditions than in other kinds of engines. As such, you need to be especially vigilant about making sure that the seals stay strong and you’re not at risk for any leaking and subsequent failures. Performing regular gasket checks is vital, and if you notice any that are beginning to wear down, you should consider replacing the whole set so you’re not surprised by a sudden failure at a very inopportune time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of...

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Avoiding Identity Theft In The Office

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If you work in an office environment, you will want to take special care in keep your clients’ information safe. Identity theft is unfortunately, something that everyone must safeguard. There are several ways that you can help keep personal information safe from theft. Here are some ways to use in your office, helping to keep your business and client information safe from prying eyes. Personal Files When working on classified information, make sure that only certain employees are privy to the contents in the files. You will want to have a job description made for each job within the company specifying who is allowed to see these files and the process that should be used to keep the information private. Have employees that work with confidential information sit apart from the rest of their coworkers. Make sure they either have enclosed offices or cubicles where their chairs are facing outward without risk of someone reading over their shoulders.  Computer Files Personal information that is kept in computer files must also be safeguarded. Have these files password-protected from employees that should not have access to the information within. You will want to change the passwords regularly to keep disgruntled or problem employees from being able to gain access after they have been taken off the job that works with the information. This will help keep the information safe from being accessed by someone who does not have the authority to do so. Archived Files When archiving files, you will want to place them in locked file cabinets so that only certain people will be able to look at the information inside. Have a procedure in place specifying who is allowed to look up information within the files and have keys hidden from view from the rest of the employees. A sign out sheet should be made so that there is a documented history as to who had access to the files in case there happened to be a breach in confidentiality. This would help you backtrack to find out who had the files and who may have put the client’s information at risk. Destroying Files When you no longer need a paper file, you will want to destroy the information that is contained on the paper copy. Throwing papers away with pertinent information can put a client at risk for identity theft. You do not want to place things in the trash or a dumpster. Instead, use a document shredder to destroy the evidence that was on the paper. You can then recycle the paper shredding remains, knowing that it would be impossible for someone to piece together the scraps in a search for...

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Surprising Ways Scrap Metals Are Used

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Many people know that recycling scrap metals helps the environment. But what exactly happens to these materials? Many recycled metals, such as aluminum cans, go into making more of the same, but a few of the other uses may surprise you. Infrastructure and Transportation The next time you cross that bridge or ride over that road, consider that it very well may be made from the iron and aluminum you took to be recycled. Airplanes, cars and trucks also have components made from recycled scrap metal. These materials are not only durable but also cheaper to work with. Furniture Furniture manufacturers are coming up with new and creative ways to use scrap metal in their pieces. Tables, lamps and chairs are just some of the home furnishings that are being made out of scrap metal. Besides conveying an industrial, contemporary look, this furniture is versatile and durable as well. Stronger Metal Products and Tools Scrap metal can be turned into stainless steel using an electric arc furnace. Because most recycled metals can be melted at lower temperatures than virgin metal, this process uses significantly less energy and cuts down on carbon dioxide emissions as well. This stainless steel can then be used to manufacture higher-quality tools and industrial products. Detoxifying Industrial Wastewater Instead of filling garbage cans, scrap metal can now be used to purify wastewater. Up until recently, biological methods (such as microorganisms) have been used to treat wastewater. However, this method ran into problems when dealing with synthetic compounds found in industrial wastewater. The use of common scrap metal taken from recycling plants proved to be up to the task. The chemicals found in the synthetic compounds in wastewater are attracted to the surface of the iron. Because they share electrons with the iron, they’re degraded and detoxified. Due to the low cost of scrap metal, its potential to economically combat pollution in developing countries is very promising. This is especially true in countries such as China, where the textile industry contributes to water pollution on a global scale. By taking your scrap metal to the recycling plant, you’re not just getting rid of unwanted items while making some money, you’re contributing to new and innovative ways to use what was once considered garbage. Instead of filling landfills and mining scarce natural resources, recycled scrap metals are proving to be versatile and economical materials for industry while helping improve the...

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After All These Years, Are You Still In Danger From Asbestos?

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Many people do not realize that asbestos is still a concern. Scientists and others discovered the harmful health effects of asbestos quite some time ago. Since then, there’s been lobbying, campaigning, and programs specifically for addressing the problem and removing asbestos from buildings. There have even been nationwide bans. But despite all that, there is still an alarming amount of asbestos out there. Are You in Danger from Asbestos? The EPA tried to ban asbestos in the late 1980s. The ban failed, but it did succeed in alerting people to the dangers. This led to more asbestos regulation, but not asbestos elimination. The World Health Organization recommended the absolute elimination of asbestos back in 2003. They declared that every form of it is dangerous and the best way to help those who suffer from asbestos related health failure is to outright stop using it. Unfortunately, to this day, asbestos is still in use. While you may not be in as much danger as you would have been a decade or more ago, there’s still the possibility of asbestos related health failure occurring. Asbestos, at its peak, was in a tremendous amount of products and building materials. It was ubiquitous in new constructions. When you move into a pre-owned home, or set up shop at an existing facility, there’s a possibility that asbestos can be somewhere in the building. The Current Seriousness of the Issue If you thought that asbestos was something from the past that’s over and dealt with, here are some facts about the current use of asbestos. According to the United States Geological Survey, US consumption of asbestos has been on a decline. But it’s still imported and used most heavily in roofing materials and the manufacture of sodium chloride based products. According to the Office of Compliance, 30-million tons of asbestos are still used each year Asbestos is still the leading cause of occupational cancer, with 43,000 deaths since 1979 These facts only represent trends in the United States. Asbestos is a worldwide concern. What You Can Do About It? If you plan to use a home or building built before 1980, then there’s a possibility that asbestos-containing material is present. Additionally, if you plan to remodel or if there’s new damage in an older home, you should consider the possibility of disturbed asbestos. The best thing you can do is educate yourself and hire an independent, certified asbestos inspector. You probably won’t see asbestos with the naked eye. On top of that, you shouldn’t go searching for it yourself. Asbestos health issues come from airborne asbestos dust. If you accidentally disturb asbestos, you put yourself and anybody around you at high risk. Just know that asbestos is not gone. It’s still in many, many buildings. In addition, it’s still in use. If you ever have even the smallest hint that asbestos is lurking somewhere close to you, get a professional inspection immediately through a company like Hutzel & Associates,...

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